About Me

Dartmoor Photographer Helen Northcott was born and brought up in the north of England where she developed and interest in art, design and photography. Moving to Devon to continue her studies in design and technology she developed her interest in photography.

After graduating with a BSc. in Design Technology and Business Helen went on to work in engineering for many years where her creative flair was channeled into providing marketing literature and websites for the company. In 2004 Helen began to work as a freelance website designer where her photographic skills were put to good use providing her clients with a seamless package of website design and photography.

Helen continues to service those client websites but is now ready to concentrate on developing her photographic business where her skills as a designer will be beneficial in assisting other designers in sourcing high quality photographs for their projects.

Helen has a flair for capturing the world around her in an interesting and unusual way, often seeking out specific details and creative viewpoints that the casual observer may not see. She is inspired by the colour and texture of the world around her and is equally at home capturing architectural details in the high street as out on the moors. Helen also enjoys experimenting with the use of flash and long exposures to create abstract pieces of art.